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“I need to Get this So that I can Stay Away From Men”| A lady Caused Confusion After Posting This


The modern world needs people who are literate because technology has advanced in a way that you will suffer if you cannot read. The arrival of the fourth industrial revolution is real. Many tasks are no longer done manually but automatically. Human effort is being replaced by machines. There are so many machineries and electrical accessories that are replacing man's effort. They say technology is making things easier, but what about people’s jobs? In the next 5 years, I see a disaster in the unemployment rate because of the advancement of technology. Well, a lady shared an accessory that left many people confused on social media. Read more.


A young lady shared an electrical accessory that caused a stir on social media. She shared it with the caption, "Good moaning." See the picture of the accessory below:


Many people in the comments box were curious to know what it was and what it was used for. Some claimed that it was a microphone. But someone added the confusion after saying "I need this thing so that I can stay away from men". After reading all the comments, I concluded that maybe it makes one feel less attracted to men, because many people, particularly women, are claiming that if they get it, they will stay away from men. No one knows what to rescue people from this thing. See comments below:

This two Memes below caused even more confusion:

However, it seems as if men are against women getting this accessory because in the comments, many males are warning women not to interact themselves with it. Some even went on to say it’s addictive.

Have you ever seen this accessory before? To anyone who knows it, please tell us what it is and what you use it for, because many people are curious to know. Please comment below.

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