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Being An Unemployed Graduate: Practical Ways To Keep Afloat

After the fun and contentment that comes with tossing a mortarboard, there are no post-university prospectuses that can prepare the new graduate of life realities post school. Graduate unemployment is much like negative freedom. Apart from the very heightened sense of liberation where you feel like you have no impending obligation to get up in the morning, there are many realities that come with it that can make life a serious hell very quickly. This can be inclusive of feelings of frugality, it is often said money cannot buy happiness but it can definitely buy you things that can make you a little less uncomfortable. Uncertainties, insecurities, anger , shame , guilt, feeling like you made poor career choices, failure and envy are part of very real emotions that can suffocate the unemployed graduate. With the current Corona virus pandemic, pressure to secure almost anything is even more higher.

I have come up with 5 practical strategies that can help keep the unemployed graduate going. Read on and learn how you can derive something positive from a rather unfortunate circumstance.

Consider doing a part-time or temporal job

Undeniably, doing the job you graduated for would probably feel more fulfilling but doing a temporal job whilst waiting for your ideal employment can help you gain what we call transferable skills. A transferable skill is an expertise or ability which can be used across a variety of occupations. Examples include problem-solving, communication, attention to detail, data analysis, creativity and time management skills. Some sectors do every now and then hire entry level employees with no significant requirements. Practical examples of jobs that you can do temporary include caregiving jobs, freelancing, clerical jobs for government or private institutions and working at service industries like restaurants, bars, etc. This can even give you an opportunity to network with a lot of people who can potentially lead you to your future employer.

Search for online opportunities

There are irrefutably a lot of deceptive schemes and tricks that happen online but there are people who are able to generate passive or stable income from online opportunities. If you are fortunate enough to at least have access to the internet and you own a phone or a laptop, you can access legit sites that can pay you for your services. A list of simple things you can do online includes: taking online surveys, yes there a few scam operations for this one but there are also legit online survey sights. Doing research and treading lightly would be necessary. Secondly, you can become a virtual assistant, you can also become an online freelance writer, become an online tutor, or if not camera shy you can start a simple account on platforms like YouTube or Tiktok where you can draw attention from paying brands depending on your audience's rate of engagement. Follow this link: https // for more examples of online work opportunities that can help you make money and nourish side interests and hobbies as well. With a lot of employment uncertainties amid the Covid-19 pandemic, I genuinely feel like finding something to do online that can have a monetary value is a task that everyone should probably invest in.

Continue networking!

It is not cliché, " Your network is you networth". This is not the moment to withdraw from your circles. Your network can include family, friends, people you went to school with, your university or college lecturers if you were lucky to interact with them at some point, former employers that you completed course work or school hours with, literally any and everyone that should know that you are still very much on the job market. Someone may know someone who knows someone ( you get the point), who can help set up your contact to the right people that can help you secure your prospect job. So as much as you may feel motivated to stay in a secluded corner and to just cut-off people because you feel no one truly understands the misfortunes that you are facing as an unemployed graduate, but I urge you to continue socializing. There are very cost effective yet powerful ways to stay socially active e.g. Create a LinkedIn account online , complete your profile, market you skill and follow other accounts. As people start to follow you as well they might have an interest on what you have qualifications for and you can also see employment adverts from other accounts that may interest you.


Not only is volunteering important in the sense that it can enable you to help others in a selfless way ( which can help boost your self esteem and self-confidence), there are other benefits that come with doing voluntary jobs. In an increasingly competitive job market, experience acquired from volunteering can be incredibly useful. It literally displays to employers that you are someone that can take initiative and that you are someone who is able to put other people first when necessary. Yes volunteering may not always lead to paying work but you are likely to gain or sharpen important skillsets while volunteering which will come in handy for future job interests. You also need tangible evidence that you can highlight say perhaps in an interview setup. It makes you more believable, that whatever qualification you have is not merely theoretical but you do have some practical examples to back up why you are an ideal candidate for a certain job . Volunteering also keeps you in contact with people, we already talked about the importance of networking above.

Remain positive

Take this time to get to know yourself better, assess your strengths and weaknesses, how do you cope under circumstances that do not favor you? You will feel a lot of things as you await your dream job, some may be degrading emotions but this is your chance to master your processing mechanism as well. Use this time to do things that will place you at a better mental state such as nurturing hobbies, exercising, joining motivational online communities, doing some reading, praying if you believe in higher sources. Just try as much as you can to not get depressed or be devoured by stress. Stay productive, the less time you have to entertain you worries and fears, the better for your mental health. Always remember, opportunity delayed does not equate to opportunity denied. You job is on its way and let it find you ready and empowered.

I hope my tips did help you and gave positive guidance. I was once in such a position therefore writing this article really hit home. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up, the time you sacrificed to be a graduate was not in vain.

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