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Opinion : We Might End Up Having To Look For Jobs In Zimbabwe After This Was Spotted

The images show an improvement that is being done in Zimbabwe and this has completely made ordinary members of the public to be basically concerned about the events which are taking place over there, it is quite apparent that the Zimbabwean people are advancing at such a very nice rate.

Now many people are starting to get nervous and they are saying that this is very concerning and they're basically wondering if the South Africans in the country are going to end up having to go to Zimbabwe to look for jobs, because the situation can get very bad very quickly also on our side.

Despite Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation it seems like they’re really building their country and their doing the core things which are necessary for the economy to grow, unlike here in South Africa where most of the funds which are supposed to be growing the economy as stolen by public officials.

And are defrauded from the state by private institutions and individuals who will be taking tenders from the government, but the government makes the mistake of not arresting these individuals which makes them proceed to do their criminal activities even more.

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