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Do Qualifications Help Effectiveness Of Fighting Crime In SAPS? Grade 12 Turned Out To Be A Graduate

There is an old saying that says education does not end, anyone can learn about anything as long as they want, with a job or without it is still acceptable. Mbali Ngaleka took to social media showing off her qualifications as a motivation to her cop colleagues and youth. At first, she was not aware that what she decided to do the will of beyond just a media account update. Mbali received more than what she bargained for and many people cheered and congratulated her achievements.

Ngaleka who comes from Sophiatown in Johannesburg obtained a BA in police science from the University of South Africa and also a National Diploma in Criminal Justice and forensic investigation. The studies were not easy but Mbali said she put aside all other things like social life and made them more important. She first failed several models but her dream of becoming a Cop pushed her on and considering her age she didn't give up but strived even harder.

She would like to be a unique policewoman, knowing everything to do with the Justice system. This will allow her career to be more meaningful, her priority is to help the community. Join the police service for money only is not good. Those who join the police for earning end up being involved in corruption, as they will be looking for more money on the side.

The want of money makes one do evil things and that will not make anybody achieve anything. Her parents stood by her and gave her all the support she needed and she is very grateful for their help. First, her mother was not so thrilled about her decision to be a cop but later she gave in and supported her in her studies. Many mothers want their little girls to be Doctors or accountants, not anything lower.

Her mother worked as a domestic worker but was able to help her financially. Ngaleka is now a qualified police officer at Sophia Town Police Station, and the knowledge she acquired will help her assist the community well. She is not going to end with this qualification, she wants to be addressed as Dr. Ngaleka and she is not backing off. Mbali said her inbox was filled with men asking her out. Yes, she is single and desires to have a family of her own one day, but the man who wants to be involved with her must accept that she is dedicated to her Job and her ancestral calling.

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