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Three of the factors that hinder your success

Three of the factors that hinder your success

1. Evil heart

If you have evil heart you can block your success because people's who have evil heart they think they think evil things and do bad things to people because of the evil of their hearts, because everything comes from the heart.

So try to ask God to clean your heart and make it pure so that you cannot think evil things for other people.

2. Jealousy

pitying people's things is accompanied by jealousy not wishing other people success you want may the good always come to you, you can see a friend buy a fridge and you go and buy that fridge and it looks like a friend's when you don't congratulate him but just go and buy yours because you look down on him.

If you want to be successful stop being jealousy, congratulate other people if they achieve good things.

3. Pride

Pridee can stifle your success because you will always find yourself better than others.

cast off pride and humble yourself when god will exalt you.

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