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Nkoka is creating more than 50 jobs every weekend, big up to Nkoka establishment.

What's happening at Konka it proves that black people don't like helping each other out, black people hates prosperity, black people hates progress.

How about you invest that money, you gonna need it in the future...white people looking at us and laughing at us.

First thing to do is elect leaders who are really for our people and not their pockets. It's a weekend and conversation are centered around entertainment so when it comes to establishments of entertainment Konka is at the top of the list hence the trend I would assume.

What can we do as a black community and we mustn’t forget the Konka establishment also provide Job opportunities but why is it trending so much and people are obsessed with it? Or it’s taking CVS, mind you I’m in Ukraine but my timeline both Facebook and Twitter it’s trending.

So everyone who goes to Konka is getting a job or is running a business or Konka is a brewery where alcohol is produced. Oh I didn’t know. Sorry let us make it trend so people must get jobs at KONKA.

we need to make it trend than making a Night Club. Yes Konka is producing job opportunities to many but does it deserve to trend more than anything.

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