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4 Highest paying careers in South Africa.

When you embark on a career path, understanding the high-paying jobs at the time will help you plan your future. 

 Although the economic aspect of the job is an important factor in choosing a career, other factors, such as your enthusiasm for the job and whether the job matches your talents are also important.

It is unwise to choose a job just for money, and the joy of work is also the most important thing.

Below I have compiled a list of the top 5 high-paying jobs in South Africa. These incomes may vary based on work experience, skills and qualifications

1. Specialist Doctor

The average salary of medical experts in South Africa is R1,600,000. 

Medical experts are currently the highest paid doctors. They are highly qualified people, usually specializing in specific medical fields. 

These can include neurology, cardiology, and urology. The qualifications to become a specialist like a neurosurgeon are not only strict, but also very expensive, so the income is very high.

Most medical experts work very long hours and are often on call, which makes their work very difficult and demanding. However, this was completely offset by their income after hard work.  

A neurosurgeon is experienced in treating people with brain and spinal cord diseases and injuries. The average income of entry-level neurosurgeons with 14 years of experience is R730K p/a.

2. Architect

The average salary of South African architects is R715,000.00 

. Construction is not only a high-paying job, but also a job with critical skills in most countries of the world. This means you can also expand beyond South Africa by working in other countries.

The architect plans to design and supervise the construction of the building. Because the architect's decision affects public safety, the architect needs to receive extensive professional training.

To qualify as an architect, you can study architecture at any university in South Africa that offers this degree. For example, you can study architecture at the School of Engineering and Built Environment, University of Cape Town.

The average annual income of a young architect with 14 years of experience is R 277,000, while the median annual income of a young architect with 59 years of experience is even higher, at R 715,000. Architects with many years of experience can earn an average income of 1.2 million per year.

3. Actuarial Scientists

The average salary of an actuary in South Africa is R920,000.00

The actuarial profession focuses on measuring and managing the risks and uncertainties of the company. These professionals use analytical and mathematical skills on financial and business issues.

Due to the lack of actuaries in China, this profession is in great demand. It can take up to 9 years to become an actuary.

Actuaries can have different educational backgrounds, but a person should have an actuarial degree, a graduate degree, and the examinations required by a professional actuary.

The average annual income of first-level actuaries is R597k. The average annual income of an actuary with 59 years of experience is R920,000, while the average annual income of an actuary with 1019 years of experience is R1 million.

4. Chartered Accountant

The average salary of an accountant in South Africa is R605,000.00.

To become a chartered accountant, you need to be a very disciplined and efficient person because this job is very stressful. The term chartered accounting is used worldwide and has more advantages than other accounting qualifications.

The job of an auditor is to provide financial advice, audit accounts, and provide clients with reliable information about financial records.

Auditors can be responsible for taxation, legal bookkeeping, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, and bankruptcy.

To qualify as a South African Chartered Accountant, you must have a degree in Accounting or a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or a Bachelor of CA (SA) from a SAICA-accredited university. Then, you will need to take the CA (SA) Commission exam.

The income of entry-level sworn accountants is R489,000, and the average income of intermediate sworn accountants is R605,000 p/a. The average income of a person with 109 years of experience is R782K p/a.


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