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Here is how Sars paid dead people Social grant. Read more

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Many of the South Africans depends on Social grant for Survival . Though some they think this is influenced by laziness , to some this is directly caused by the lack of employment in South Africa . As we still have many South Africans who are educated and with degrees , but still struggling to get jobs .

From the down of the democracy , one of the things which was established by the government to ensure that South Africans who can’t afford for survival can still get something , it was Social grants which were sleztablished from the down of democracy . Different people share different views on this.

Now there is an issue which is trending on Social media platforms regarding the matter . The issue of dead people benefiting from Social grant is bigger a big issue on a daily basis . On how did we arrive to this instance and how can the Governement be assisted in coming out of this issue at this point and time .

Some of these things are being caused by the fact that there are many of the politicians who are benefiting from these issues from time to time . Before people they ensure to remove those who are not fit to be benefiting from these grants , they will forever somehow squib themselves into benefiting first before anyone else , that’s always the case

These are some of the important issues which can’t be ignored at all in South Africa . When we are busy thinking that issues are minors , they are busy collapsing our country bit by bit. The Goverment should intervene on issues such as these ones ans ensure that there is Atleast a Solution which is brought forward , because otherwise a country can collapse when we are still waiting for issues such as these ones .

We must all strive for a better South Africa without fights and corruption. We must strive for South Africa of which can ensure that all of us are better people at the end of the day , not a country which enriches a certain group of people and leave other people outside the wealth of the country .

SARS should forever avoid issues like this one by all means necessary . We must strive for non corrupt country always . And ensure that else have the country we love by all means necessary

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