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Most paying jobs in South Africa in 2021

When it comes to careers, South Africa is a one-of-a-kind country. Because of its history and structural difficulties, most rules that apply elsewhere do not apply in South Africa. We take a look at the highest-paying positions in South Africa as the year draws to a conclusion. Finance and engineering jobs dominate this year's list.

Financial Management

When it comes to portfolio managers and finance experts, South Africa is still falling behind. These are classified as critical talents by the government. They're in high demand, yet there's a scarcity of them. Accounting and financial analysis are also part of financial management. Finance managers make around R70 000 per month on average.

Structural Engineering

South Africa is undergoing a massive development boom. New highways, shopping complexes, suburbs, and educational institutions are being constructed. During the World Cup preparations in 2009 and 2010, the industry reached its pinnacle. The construction industry was expected to see a brain drain as most foreign engineers returned home immediately after the World Cup, resulting in a fall in the number of engineers. Salaries would soar, it was projected. The situation is clear now, as salaries for that occupation continue to climb. The average monthly pay is R65 000.

Plant Management

Plant management is in the engineering class. It speaks mostly to mechanical engineering. Plant managers are taking home an average of R60 000 every month. They are deemed to be in short supply in the country.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are well-paid professionals. In the construction business, their consulting services are quite valuable. Civil engineers earn roughly R40,000 per month on average. On average, senior citizens reach a peak of R55 000.

Corporate Lending

Another lucrative area of finance is corporate loans. It's because of the economy's rising interest rates. Lending companies make a lot of money. Junior loan officers make an average of R35 000 per month.

IT Management

Information Technology has consistently ranked first among the highest-paid professions in both South Africa and the rest of the world. There appears to be oversubscription in that industry, which has resulted in lower compensation. The average pay in South Africa is R45 000.

Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Engineering

Mechanical engineering also encompasses plant management. Engineers in this field are earning an average of R50 000 a month.

Financial Analysis

Every year, the finance industry in South Africa expands. Alternative investments have created a big demand for financial professionals to analyze innovative companies that aren't publicly traded. Alternative investments carry a high level of risk and return, necessitating meticulous study because there are no rules of thumb. This field pays R45 000 to professionals.

Marketing Management

Every firm relies on marketing to succeed. Marketers are typically compensated based on their performance. Sales are expanding as credit facilities expand, and professionals are taking advantage. A marketing manager's average income is R40 000.

Software Development

Software developers used to be quite well compensated. They are, however, still in the race. The majority of firms are aiming to automate procedures in order to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Software developers make around R50 000 per month on average.

The year is coming to a close, and it's time to start planning for the new one. Every job seeker or professional has the responsibility of becoming the most relevant professional in order to attract companies. In 2020, we will bring the most sought-after professional capabilities to South Africa.

Software developers

The majority of businesses want to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Being efficient means producing with the fewest resources possible. Being effective means being the most productive and maximizing the company's capability.

One of an organization's main cost centers is labor. Most businesses are cutting costs in order to stay profitable and increase shareholder value. The most cost-effective strategy to save labor costs is to replace it with a machine. Most processes are being automated, and machine learning is being implemented. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also gaining popularity. To assist them meet their goals, businesses are upgrading and establishing new systems.

Project managers

Accounting and finance project managers are in high demand. South Africa is still in the early stages of development. There are numerous projects in the pipeline, ranging from construction to humanitarian aid, that will necessitate the use of professionals to reduce costs and ensure the smooth operation of operations. Certified project managers who are members of a professional organization are in high demand.

Finance managers

Accounting and financial professionals are always in high demand. Money is the lifeblood of any business, and it must be effectively managed in order for it to thrive. The demand for chartered accountants and chartered financial analysts is constantly high. Their training is thorough, and they also provide a lot of value to the company.


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