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"Madam President Reporting For Duty" Mam'Mkhize Shows Us How She Looks Like When Going To Work.

Date || 08 October 2021

Source || Instagram


Being rich and famous comes with a lot of benefits and one of them is not being required to wear a uniform to work. The rich and famous can show up to work wearing whatever they want as they either own companies and are, therefore, they are bosses or they do work which doesn't require them to wear a certain type of clothing. 

We all know that people who work nine to five wear uniforms and some of them are most probably tired of their uniforms because they, wore uniforms from Primary School until High School and now are forced to wear uniforms at work as well. Well, as I mentioned above, this isn't the case for the rich and famous, and one in particular who made a post about going to work today while wearing a stunning black dress with some silver details on it is KZN millionaire and businesswoman, Mam'Mkhize. 

Photo credit: Instagram

Mam'Mkhize posted a couple of pictures of herself wearing a long black dress which had some silver details on it at the top part, some black heels which also had some silver details on it by the tip, and a nice small black bag to accessorize. The bag also had some silver detailing on it where the name of the designer bag was written. To finish off, Mam'Mkhize also added some black designer sunglasses and that completes the outfit that Mam'Mkhize was wearing to work.

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram

However, even though Mam'Mkhize doesn't wear a uniform when she goes to work, she always makes sure that her outfits are very much work-appropriate and not something she would wear on a regular day. Also, when Mam'Mkhize says that she's going to work, she means that she's going to visit her soccer team and see how things are going or going to visit one of her companies and also see how things are going there.

Photo credit: Instagram 

What do you think of Mam'Mkhize work attire? Do you like it or not? Let me know in the comments below.

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