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Do Large Construction Company Make It Easier to Succeed in The Construction Industry?

Large companies are often the main reason behind how people choose their careers. More often than not, people pursue a profession with the end goal being a specific company. I remember vividly how I came across the Quantity Surveying profession, I googled bursaries and then companies that offer bursaries and that’s how Murray and Roberts popped up. I went through their website and I immediately fell in love. My end goal in Highs School was to eventually work for Murray Roberts, I had not even narrowed down on the profession at this point.

 Anyway, in this article, I dive into the pros and cons of starting off with a large company, is it the best way to succeed in the industry?


-         They have a structured or automated system which allows you to grow. Such as training programs, set workshops and scheduled  

-         Salary is stable and will be paid out consistently and timeously as long as your contract is still intact.

-         The packages are usually rich, such as insurance, medical aid, inhouse therapy sessions which are often financially contributed by the company.

-         Larger companies have more employees which results in a larger networking opportunity. Early work connections can be beneficial to you in the future.


-         The bigger the company, the harder it is to stand out.

-         Competition to get to the stop might be stiff and it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

-         The systems might not allow for creativity so innovative ideas that could be beneficial to the company might not be welcomed.

-         There is likely less transparency, when there are big changes, you will often be left in the dark and only find out in the last minute.

In conclusion, working for a large company looks brilliant on paper which is highly attractive on your CV. However, whether or not you are getting the best exposure or experience is up for debate, at the end of day, it is your personal responsibility to research and keep seeking knowledge in the industry. If you have anything you would like to add, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading. 

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