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Is Shoprite Scamming Mzansi:See the price of bread that left people Speechless/ Opinion


When hiring people its important to hire people who are capable of the job otherwise they will bring the company down .Most companies that hire general worker usually recquire people to at least have grade 12 to show that they have basic knowledge of things that the job might recquire.

A picture of bread price at Shoprite has left Mzansi Speechless.This shows that the person who was tasked with the job of putting the prices didnt even go to high school because there is no way a person with grade 12 can make that mistake.see the picture below.

The price above prove that when shoprite is hiring they dont look at much at education because an educated person wont make this mistake .

Unfortunately things like these bring down the reputation of a company and Shoprite will now be apologising for the mistakes made by their employees.However this is not the first time this has happened especially at shoprite, they are always getting the prices wrong especially for specials.It makes one wonder if its a national problem or what because all their shops usually do that mistake.I think its time they do extra checking before putting prices on shelves.

Workers should be also be careful because such mistakes can cost their job.But maybe they dont get paid enough to care about that.Many people who are underpaid dont really care about their jobs because they dont get paid enough to do so.They know even if they commit mistakes and get fired its still the same for them

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Mzansi Scamming Mzansi Shoprite


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