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South Africans To Oppose Zimbabwean's Move To Force The RSA Government To Grant Them Citizenships

The south african government is sinking under it's own weight as the youth unemployment spikes uncontrollably on a quarterly basis,the latest statistics have shown that 74 percent of the south african youths are unemployed,these are the people who never ceased to look for the job opportunities.The question of high unemployment rate in south africa has raised a serious concern and many factors were blamed for this appalling conditions.The fact that south africa had once offered the Zimbabwean migrants the special work permits has become the burning issue as the expiry of those permits is looming,the permits are expiring in November this year.More than 250 thousands Zimbabweans were in Gauteng on Tuesday,the groups wants the court to order the government to issue them the permanent residency status after the expiry of their special work permits.The permits were issued five years ago by the south african government.For one to qualify for permanent residency in south africa,he/she is required to have stayed atleast more than five years in the country and be law abiding citizen.These permits were issued on the condition that Zimbabwe is economically struggling and some of it's citizens who happened to come into south africa illegally are struggling to make ends meet.It's like the Zimbabweans are now coming back to bite the very same hand that fed them and graciously welcomed them.This demand come at a time when many south africans are complaining about the behaviour of some of the fellow Zimbabwean countrymen and women.Many Zimbabweans are being arrested and serving the lengthy sentences in the south african prisons.The south africans feels like the Zimbabweans are taking an advantage of their country and ungrateful.The group of south african men and women had announced that on monday the 25th of October will be heading to Johannesburg high court to oppose the Zimbabwean's plea.South Africa has been one of the most lenient state to the foreigners,regardless of their statuses,whether legal or illegal.The south african's leniency continued even during the hard times of the global pandemic novel coronavirus,the government is vaccinating everyone around the country,including the illegal foreigners,moreover,the South African Social Security Agency was ordered by court not to exclude the legal foreigners when handing out the 350 rands unemployment funds.

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