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Here is what not to do when sending a CV via Email.

Everyone is looking for a job these days and that means there are so many people out there who are your competition, and what's even worse, is the fact that they might be doing something completely different from what you're doing that might give them the edge over you when applying for jobs.

Well, when applying for a job via email there are a lot of things that might just make your email stand out, and anything that can make you seem different will give you an edge over other applicants. So do not do these three(3) things when sending your job application via email.

1. Sending a Very long email.

Recruiters barely have the time to read through your CV, so what makes you think that they will have the time to read a very long email?

If your email is too long that will only mean more work for the recruiter, and by the time they are halfway through reading your email, they will have probably lost interest before they even go through your CV. So it's way better to keep the email short and straightforward, and as simple as possible.

Below is an example of a email that is too long.

2. Grammatical mistakes.

Remember your email is the first thing they see or read before they get to your CV, so you have to make sure that you have no grammatical errors in your email that could potentially make a recruiter lose interest in your application.

Read through your email before sending it, and make sure that it has no mistakes.

3. Information in the email should not contradict with CV.

So when you compose your email and you just so happen to mention things that are not included in your CV or cover letter, well, that will most likely demotivate the recruiter and that might even come across as a red flag.

So be careful with what you include in the email, take your time and draft down the email before you compose it and send it through.

Below is an example of a good email.

As you can see, it's professional and straightforward, it is not too long, and has no grammatical errors.

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