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He left Ulundi KZN; 30 years ago now he lives and teaches karate in Soweto

His love for Bruce Lee can be traced back to the late 70s; when martial arts; was what most people flocked into the movie theatres to watch.

He got motivated to learn karate when he saw his hero Bruce Lee on TV as a youngster. Fast forward to many years later; he is a sensei imparting his knowledge of the craft to the youth of Meadowlands in Soweto; Gauteng.

The love for karate; intrigued him as a youngster; so much so that; he started learning all about tge craft. He was drawn by the discipline and the control that comes with this form of defence.

Now at 57 years old; Sensei Mandla Nkonde; teaches the youth of Soweto karate; he does not have much but he channels his little earnings he gets from recycling; into the karate school.

Red belt holder; Oratwa Tsosane 15; joined in April; after her mother came across the Sensei in the street and spoke to him about wishing to enrol her daughter.

Brown belt holder; Bayanda Khumalo (19); is the oldest member of the academy having joined six years ago.

The man problem Nkonde has; is the venue to conduct classes; but he and his students rely on the goodness of local school principals; who offer them a classroom; in the school to use for practice for free.

Whenever the principal leaves the school he and his students have to find another school. He is a black belt in his own right and some of his students have red and brown belts.

Nkonde has ambitions of growing his academy and enrol more students. Though the school last got funding from African Bank in 2019; Nkonde and his students get by with the little the students pay to enrol. Some cannot afford the fee but they are still welcome.

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