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You're working and you get paid but you always broke, it might be this.

When you're working but you don't know what you do with your money, you buy small thinks and your money is gone. It's might be a witchcraft you know witches they know how to work with your money so that you will not do anything. You need to be careful who you give your money to or who to borrow money. This people they use the money that it's coming from you in your hands.

This use to happen to a lot of people you will find that you're working the reasonable job and you have reasonable income. But you have nothing you can point that I did this while I was working, that's not a petty issue it's serious you have to open your eyes. It might be a witch craft or there something you're not diong right.

There's people who are working a less paying job but they can do bigger things with that small income. They don't do it with magic but they take good care of themselves. They use siwasho or herbs to hold their money to do big things. Just imagine a engineer cannot build a house of their dreams it's ambarrasing right.

This siwasho will solve all your problems and you will have to hold on to it if it's working for me it can work go you as well. Not because I said so but because they believe. Another thing you have to do when you get paid for the first time in your job take all your salary and give it to your elder in your family. Some people see this as a waste of time but it's true.

Your elder will bless you and report you to your ancestors that you appreciate the job they gave it to you. They will ask your ancestors to protect you and guide you in your work place. After that the elder will give you the money to buy a drink for your self. Your job will be done there the following month you can enjoy your money. Help your siblings to get where you are don't be stingy help people because we rise by lifting others. I hope you enjoyed my article.

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