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Could Ramaphosa Be In Hot Water After What He Said About South Africans?

Date: 07/10/21



The president of South Africa is one person who tries his level best to stay away from controversy. Over the years, it is known that he has had a very clean history from what he said to what he has done, but this time around, he finds himself in trouble. The president of South Africa said that the reason why many South African youth are unemployed because they don't have the right skills.

This is a tweet that started circulating on social media after it was written as a newspaper article. The South African youth are so infuriated because they have worked so hard to obtain their degrees and higher qualifications only for the president of South Africa to say that they do not have skills.

It is not known exactly what the president meant by that statement but many people seem to have taken it as him stating that South Africans should not be getting jobs with their lack of skills.


It cannot be denied that what Cyril Ramaphosa said was a big problem but I feel as if it was taken out of context. He might have not meant all South African you do not have skills but some of the unemployed wants to not. It is the way in which the article was phrase that started all this uproar on social media.

It will seem like the main reason of the airline was to start something just like this so that many South Africans would argue with the president. The president needs to carefully choose his words the next time he is to address the public as it's because I help picking certain words and phrases in order to have him attached.

What is your take on the matter question mark what do you think the president of South Africa meant by the statement?

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