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More you need to know about the Career and Education Expo event to be held through WhatsApp

The education system has evolved drastically in which new ways and opportunities are introduced to make education more accessible to everyone, whether poor and rich. Platforms that youth like to use are now making it easy for them to access education on their beloved chat apps and socialization.

WhatsApp which is one of the platforms mostly used by youth, hosts the first career and education expo. This is known according to the recent announcement from "The Knowledge Trust" and that it will be hosting the world's first WhatsApp Career and Education Expo event.

Well The Knowledge Trust is commonly known for its wonderful work in making individuals have more access to jobs, bursaries, learnerships, internship applications.

Jaryd Raizon , who is the Country Manager of The Knowledge Trust said , "We quickly realised that we had to connect with, and deliver to, our members through platforms they can afford and that they are able to use every day. "

I also truly advice youngsters to subscribe to The Knowledge Trust in order for them to receive daily updates on bursaries and available jobs all around South Africa. They can also register for the Career and Education Expo on WhatApp .

Jaryd Raizon continued by saying, "With a 99% penetration among young South Africans, WhatsApp is the obvious platform to use ,so our challenge has been how to redesign and rebuild, services and courses - and now our events- so that they work effectively for our members and partners on WhatApp."

So if you are interested click on the link below or copy and paste on internet search bar to get redirected to WhatsApp for registration. Register before the 4th of October which is the start of the event.

In his conclusion Raizon included that with launching the Career Expo on WhatsApp, education can be more accessible as young people prefer the platform in connecting and engaging.

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