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If You Have Any Of These Critical Skills You Can Move To South Africa Legally

Monday, 08 August 2022

The department of health has released a new and amended list of the critical skills needed in South Africa.

These Critical skills are in high demand and require individuals with certain level of skill and experience.

The list includes 39 jobs :

-Agricultural scientist


-Policy and planning manager


-ICT System Analyst

-Chemist Investment manager

-Senior phase school teacher (Grades 8-9)

-Chief Information Officer

-Mechanical engineer

-Software Developer

-Civil engineer


-Quantity surveyor


-Industrial Engineer

-Research and development manager

-Systems Engineer

-Conservation scientist

-Microbiologist Tax Professional

-Corporate Treasurer




-Multimedia designer


-External auditor

-Nurse educator

-Aeronautical engineer

-FET phase school teacher (Grades 10-12)


Individuals from other countries who have these skills can apply for these jobs and once they get them they can apply for the correct work permit to legalise their Stat in the country.

Only individuals who have the relevant experience and qualifications are able to apply for special skills permits.

More information on the process and requirements to apply for permits are available on the government website.

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