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OPINION| Black Executives At Eskom Have Been Moaning About Racism Instead Of Doing Their Jobs

Most black professionals who are corrupt then figured out for their respective shambolical handling of their executive portfolios in SOEs, immediately appeal to the race card.

Black executives at Eskom have been moaning about racism instead of doing their job. Eskom's former Chief Procurement Officer Solly Tshitangano who managed procurement and financial transactions was recently fired for maladministration of his portfolio. He then threw the racism card agaist Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter with baseless allegations.


Eskom's Interim Treasurer Mandla Maleka also used the same allegations in the process of gaining public sympathy. The truth is, Eskom generated a debt of R400 billion and the same public that has to feel sorry for them is facing rolling load shedding blackouts. Luckily, De Ruyter was cleared of racism and even gained President Cyril Ramaphosa's support.

This racism story is just a red herring. Both Maleka and Tshitangano have failed the nation and are looking for an excuse for their shameful and shambolic legacy at Eskom. What has befallen them is due to an inherently crumbling institution and well established shenanigans, gross corruption and incompetencies, nothing else.

Why is it that when De Ruyter CEO cleans the mess he is accused of being a racist? The racism issue is just a distraction tool to help cover their incompetencies.

So many years later yet there is no real improvement in the South African electricity supply dilemma. All tax paying citizens have the right to demand a formal permanent solution that delivers positive results. Not empty political rhetoric and jabber like what the government is feeding them.

As for Tshitangano, he must be held accountable. It is quite obvious that he is looking for a rally to vigorously protect and defend him yet he could not even support the empowerment of black people.

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Black Eskom Mandla Maleka Solly Tshitangano


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