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Business Management analysis

Kutlwano Pitso the owner of the most popular club in South Africa.

Owning a business can be one of the ha rdest things in the world especially when your business has become the most popular in all of the country. Well there's a lot 9f things to consider when you run such a successful business and one thing you should consider is hiring people to manage it for you. Konka has officially become the place to be right now, and I'm sure you can imagine how much turnover they make in weekends not to mention in a month.

Well, meet the person who is responsible for the most popular club in South Africa right now, and that person is Kutlwano Pitso. It's been a bit of mistory as to who owns such a successful business and today we all get to find out that the person responsible for the night club Konka is the very same person who owns Moja Cafe. Moja Cafe is located in Orlando east, Soweto.

I'm sure you're asking yourself how did he manage to built to of the most successful businesses when he obviously looks young himself. Kutlwano's journey to success has not been an easy one as, at some point in the past he's business Moja Cafe, was faced with some legal issues with the land where it was built.

Despite all of his struggles Kutlwano seems to have pulled through and his businesses are thriving today. After Moja Cafe came the birth of the now most spoken about club in South Africa Konka. No one can argue that Kutlwano sure is a successful businessman and has achieved a lot throughout his business career.

I'm pretty sure that anyone who would have the privilege of being the owner of Konka would surely be very happy, I mean Konka seems to be doing so well. Maybe in future would could be blessed with a second location for Konka.

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