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INSPIRING: Young Man Uses Nsfas Money To Start Farming Business

With the high unemployment rate in South Africa, especially amongst youth, and even amongst graduates, Young people in South Africa are desperate to get jobs so that they can become participating members of the South African economy and also start their own lives to get everything that they dream of. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many people who have been sitting at home applying for jobs with no luck.

also encourages young people to employ themselves by starting small businesses, but many mentioned factors that hinder them from starting those businesses, like finances, for example, while others mention that not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, and the world of entrepreneurship is not an easy one, there is a high chance that the business side of things might not work out and a person could go back to being unemployed once again.

But many young people have decided to invest in starting small businesses, and many do not have money, so instead they decided to use the money they got from the government, like the R350s, and from there on, they created successful small businesses.

A young student decided to do the same with his NSFA money. Nkosinathi, who is a 21-year old award-winning farmer, started using his NSFA allowance in 2020. Nkosinathi has also been able to build his own house from the money he made from his business. The young man has just been another inspiring story that shows that if you are determined and willing, you will achieve the success you want. Save money and start that business

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