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" Cut The Salaries Of All Eskom Employees By Half Then You'd See Some Action"

Load-shedding Will End If Eskom Cuts Their Workers' Salary By Half. 

The country is currently going through loadshedding stage 6. This comes after the Eskom workers went on a strike asking for their salaries to be increases. Unfortunately this has lead to the whole country suffering. 

People have not been happy with what is happening and others have been suggesting what Eskom can do in order to have the workers go back to work work have load-shedding stopped. 

While the workers say they will go back to work when they have gotten their salary increase, chances are they will strike again when they start feeling that the salary is not enough. So here is what Eskom can do to get them back to work. 

Eskom must hit them where is hurts the most and that is in their pockets. One person suggested that they should cut their salaries by half and that is when they will see some action. " My humble suggestion: cut the salaries of all Eskom employees by half until they solve this problem. Then you’d see some action". 

One person agreed with this saying that " More accurate and fair - adjust the pay for worked hours by the hours the country had load shedding, and decrease the salaries with the annual increase of the electricity prices". While others disagreed with this saying that this could lead to chaos and people should rather change their voting habits. 

I honestly support this as people do not like when their pockets are affected, especially because they have not been going to work. It would work this way. 

What do you think of this issue? Do you think it would work or not? Share your thoughts down below. Don't forget to like, share and follow for more content and updates. 


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