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Finaly the solution has been found

Having a colleague who tells lies that affect your overall performance, your courting with a customer, or your supervisor’s belief in you can take a toll on a person's mental fitness at work.

Dealing with such lies inside the place of business can result in the operating surroundings being a poisonous one.

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Clinical psychologist, Khosi Jiyane reflects on a way to deal with cheating people within the place of business.

We are speaking approximately somebody, intentionally distorting and enhancing something or different with a purpose to deliberately lie to. Thereby manipulate someone's know-how of statistics. They will both take away or add stuff.

Khosi Jiyane, Clinical psychologist

She says there's continually an underlying issue to why human beings act this manner.

Lying is a survival mechanism and anyone lies for a few motives or others.

Khosi Jiyane, Clinical psychologist

Success is constantly regarded in one unique manner and due to that, it'll continually deliver the darkish side of people Toxic workplaces and how to deal with dishonest colleagues (

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Khosi Jiyane


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