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Here's An Important Message To Everyone Who Works In South Africa.

Approximately half of all occupations in South Africa, according to Dr Mark Bussin, a member of the executive committee of the South African Reward Association (SARA), are no longer associated with a 'location'. He says this because some occupations are extremely flexible, and people can work from any location; these are positions that do not necessitate the presence of the employee in the actual location. To put it another way, people can genuinely work from home while producing the same amount of work as they would have done at the office, if not more.

Following the fallout from COVID-19, Bussin asserted that the majority of people do not need to travel and can work from home or anywhere else. He is attempting to provide ways in which individuals can prevent the spread of the virus in this instance. To suffocate the spread of the virus, the government and South African companies are putting forth their best efforts. To accomplish this, people must work together and employers must be aware of the employees who are required to be in the office or workplace.

Dr. Bussin added that while most vocations require people to travel to a location in order to carry out their duties – such as physiotherapists and dentists - the majority of people may work from any location. He believes that firms should at the very least create a facility where individuals can go two to three days a week and then conduct their work from home the rest of the time.

This will slow the spread of the virus and lower the number of individuals in a certain area; we are all well aware that a large number of people should not congregate in a single location, especially if it is inside, so this would be beneficial. Such sites are among those where people are susceptible to contracting the virus, so if they can be avoided, it will make things better, and we may soon be free of the virus altogether. The sooner individuals adjust to the changes, the better it will be for everyone involved.


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