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His Boss And Colleagues Did Wonders For This Homeless Young Man

This homeless young man knocked on the right door when he was looking for work as he was prepared to do anything just to work.


This remarkable story was posted by Richard Hall who is a Operations Manager. He posted on his LinkedIn about the story of this young man.

Richard wrote that the man in question that he had been looking for a job when he went to them. He states that he was looking for anything to do and was prepared to take anything offered to him.

They then offered him position to be delivery driver using an e-bike of theirs as he was awaiting his scooter license.

One of the managers at the company complained that he was not succeeding in grooming and had untidy uniform at work.

Richard and the management decided to investigate and they found that he was actually homeless and had only worked as cleaning bathrooms in stores.

They then got him a flat and the company staff got together to buy him some toiletries and clothes as well as basic items like bedding.

Richard’s message was that businesses need to adopt a humanistic approach to dealing with employees. 

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