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OPINION |People Who Should Start Applying For The R350 Grant

There are times when our work no longer brings us joy. The boss is being dictatorial, the computer is acting erratically, and deadlines are still alive and well. However, there are days when everything goes wrong.

Bright Side selected the most egregious work failures. You will most likely change your mind about your employment after reading these.

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27. Journalism school had not adequately prepared her for this situation.

When everything goes wrong at work, number 26:

25. You made the decision to take a break, but...

24. The best of gravity!

23. What is the most pointless job?

22. It's a good thing there's only one tire.

21. Ah, I see what you mean by "chicken run."

20. Calling the insurance company will not solve the problem.

19. Vacuuming went off without a hitch!

18. Is this my new coworker?

17. Now is the time to make a large omelet.

16. Someone must have been irritated.

15. Someone will have to reorganize the situation.

14. It was a bad day for both the driver and the asphalt paver.

13. The worst day for a speeding driver

12. It was yet another dreadful day for frying eggs.

11. There will be a repercussion.

10. Someone is going to be fired.

9. How exhausted must the person who packed the corn as bananas have been?

8. There would have been more bricks if this had happened in the middle lane and at a faster speed.

7. Someone was a terrible Tetris player.

6. If only this truck driver had known how his day would end...

5. When the person in charge of marking the road becomes enraged:

4. Neither the driver nor the college students know who had the worst day.

3. It's at the very least fence-proof!

2. The one time they followed the instructions to the letter

1. There will be no juice for anyone!


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