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South Africans Reacts to Thousands of Job Seekers Seen at an Interview Location Today.

The level of unemployment in our country is quite unfortunate and the number of young vibrant South Africans seeking to gain employment is on the rise and the Government is helpless on this issue.

Having an unproductive young populaion is the major drive of crime in any given society.

Just yesterday, a picture started circulating online which show moment thousands of South Africans stormed a job interview location in their numbers despite having a very limited number of vacancies.

South Africans didn't waste time to react to the whole scenario and this are some of the comments gathered below:

Hazel: "This happened to us when MojaLoveTv had auditions last year. The popo was called to dismantle us, sad when you woke up at 4am and used your last money to get there. We are hungry and we’re trying despite being called the lazy gen. I was vaccinated by a this week."

Nhlanhla: "And ku rough. You can imagine a father of three who is unemployed, no income. Wakes up every morning searching for a job, goes back to his family in the evening empty handed. The kids will look at his face expecting good news, but guess what this will be a daily thing."

Skolimanzi: "I have a solution but I am afraid that I will be called xenophobic, but a visit to resturants, construction companies, truck companies, can assist South Africans, not forgetting the domestic workers sector."

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