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South Africans companies are afraid to lose us that is why they are moving to Zimbabwe-Zim man

For fear of losing hardworking Zims, a Zim man claims South African businesses are relocating to Zimbabwe.

The people of Zimbabwe are confident in their abilities as diligent workers and detail-oriented workers. They say this is one of the main reasons why South African companies hire them at a higher rate than locals.

In many workplaces, South Africans have a bad reputation for being unprofessional and slack when it comes to their main duties. Due to the persistence of these rumors, many businesses are beginning to take them at face value.

But a Twitter user from Zimbabwe going by the name "Chimhamha" claims that businesses in South Africa are already planning to move to Zimbabwe or open offices there out of fear of losing their hard-working Zimbabwean employees.

He said that many businesses are worried about losing talented personnel from Zimbabwe because the "Grace period" offered to ZEP recipients will end in December 2022.

The following is what Chimhamha has said on Twitter:

"Companies in South Africa are increasingly inquiring about the possibility of relocating to Zimbabwe or creating offices there. Fear of losing excellent, hardworking citizens has caused Zimbabwe to take precautions ".

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