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Unvaccinated Workers In Shock As Employers Will Be Forced To Use This Unexpected Method|| See Why



it has now been three months since the issue of been vaccinated against the coronavirus has developed a new pandemic. This is because a lot of people are still on the cry about why people have to be vaccinated without their rightful choice. This is because the Constitution of South Africa doesn't allow every individual to accept doing something they don't approve of and now things have taken a different turn.

It is not a secret that the issue of people being vaccinated in the country will go a long way, as one of the worst histories in South Africa as it is the only country that is yet to achieve its target in terms of the outcome.

Unvaccinated people are in shock as employers will be forced to use this unexpected method in ensuring people are vaccinated. This is because it has been proven by the union leaders that if they were to practice this method of terminating contracts of those who refused to be vaccinated, then it will solve their problems.

It is not yet knowing when will this method be used as it sound like people will have to be vaccinated no matter they want to remain employed and the issue of the bad economy of South Africa has proven to be the contributing factor.

It has now become a threatening issue for those who refuse to be vaccinated because of the fake news that points that Cyril Ramaphosa. This is because what he is doing is dodgy and he is suspected to be working with the likes of Bill Gates In shrinking Africa's population.

This can't be proven to be true as a lot of things are still under the carpet and not proven to be true, but the truth will finally come out to reveal who is behind the issue of imposing vaccines jab on the unvaccinated people of South Africa.

What is your intake on this and why?

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