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Unemployment Rate Has Risen Again as This Is Discovered According To A Source || Check This Out



The country has now been suffering from severe damage pending the rise of unemployment In the country. This is because the country over the last few years hasn't even been inclined in increasing job creation within the people of South Africa.

This is because the people of South Africa continue to suffer more damage at the hands of foreigners who benefit from South African resources. This is because more people that are employed each day are mostly illegal immigrants as the kind of job they want to make a living with is not what South Africans possess in terms of skills.

Today the country just received the bad news that the unemployment rate has risen from 34.4%to 44.41%. This marks the highest unemployment rate to have ever happened in the country. It is highly expected that the issue of corruption could have played a role. This is because the jobs that were meant to assist the country to generate more funds were not used correctly.

The African National Congress has been given so many chances to prove how they can do better. But it seems like people's votes are always gonna be neglected as they are only taken seriously before election time. People of South Africa should just bear in mind that the ANC doesn't care about them as only what they care about is the money they are stealing.

The African National Congress has planned to change the situation in this country as they have planned to increase job creation by 275 000 per year But According to how the economy is performing, it is highly unlikely that the ANC will deliver service delivery, as they have failed numerous times.

What is your intake on this and Why?

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