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It is alleged the department of health in Limpopo is hiring foreigners to do this kind of jobs

South Africans are hard at work trying to fight for the employment of foreign nationals in this country especially if they do not possess a scarce skill. We have seen how Operation Dudula and PutSouthAfricaFirst has been hard at work trying to ensure that the immigration laws in this country are followed.

One can say that this is done on purpose. They are just trying to see what will happen to them. This is a provocation at its best.

It has now emerged that the department of health in Limpopo is hiring and the kind of people that they are recruiting for, will just leave you confused. They are now recruiting foreign nationals in the middle of what is currently happening in the country when it comes to the issue of foreign nationals.

The department is looking for people who will do admin assistance, general work, cleaning service, and EPWP U filling assistants. Looking at these jobs, there is no scare skilled job here that needs foreign nationals. With so high unemployment in the country, it is quite unbelievable that a department would recruit like this.

There needs to be a proper follow-up on this matter because such things can not be allowed to happen. Not when South Africans are still struggling to find jobs and only to find that a government department is employing foreign nationals. Operation Dudula and PutSouthAfricaFirst we are all depending on you in this regard.

People are on the ground saying that foreign nationals should go back home and then the department of health comes and say that they are hiring foreigners, not while South Africans are watching.

Many people had a lot to say about this matter. Some are even saying that it is happening in Limpopo because it is where Malema comes from but we could not care less about Malema. We all know his stance on foreigners.

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