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I got fired because I refused to sleep with my boss but I am happy - A relieved man reveals

We always talk about friendships, romantic and family relationships, but we hardly ever talk about relationships within the work place. Relationships with colleagues and bosses are crucial, but we always need to draw a line somewhere.

Some people prefer not to make friends within the workplace because they are trying to avoid mixing their private life with work. They believe that when you have to spend time with colleagues, you have to do it without involving friends, and vice versa. I agree with them because a colleague who knows a lot about your private life has the power to tarnish your name in the workplace should your relationship be altered.

A man who calls himself Khan revealed on social media that he lost his job today just because he refused to share a bed with his female boss. Khan says it has already been a year working with this woman, but ever since he refused to sleep with her, she has been harsh towards him.

He says the boss lady always complained about anything that he did and finally got away with getting him fired. Even though he has lost his primary source of income, Khan is relieved that he got fired because the workplace had turned into a toxic space for him.

He gave thanks to those who were busy advising him to take legal action against her and the company, but he sees no need to do that. Khan feels like as a country we do not talk enough about how women can harass men.

To me, Khan looks like someone who loves peace. He might have rejected his boss in the name of keeping things professional between the two of them. He made the right decision and he has the right to take legal action against her, but as a peace-loving being, he chooses not to. The sad part is that a failure to take legal action will result in her taking advantage of someone else.

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