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These Are The Businesses To Start If You Want To Be Self-employed In Your Community.

It may not be an option for most people to open up a path to self -employment. As people most of us want to work and have a solid income. Self-employment is more difficult without hesitation but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

 In the current times when you live with unpaid unemployment maybe bringing in self-employment is probably the way to keep us away from poverty. Now you’re thinking about what I can do to be my own boss, questions like what can I do to make a living.

 Now I’m here to help and this small business I’m going to talk about can help you start your journey to become your own master.

 - Rental of Rooms

 You can choose to be a landlord (Mastandi), it is a good way to get passive income in a town but there are limitations. The amount of money you can find is limited by the number of rooms you can rent, changing your income means constantly adding new rooms.

 It’s a solid business that is always in operation, people are always looking for a place to rent in towns where renting is cheaper compared to the suburbs and CBD.

 - Food Delivery

 If you have a scooter or even a bicycle at home, you can use it as a food delivery service to earn more income yourself.

 Arrive at well-equipped restaurants in your area and offer your delivery services to their local customers. There are many outlets in Kota and Shisanyama in kasi.

 For local delivery, you can get up to R5000 a month. It will depend on how many customers need your service or how much you charge per kilometer.

 With time, you will find yourself owning a fleet of delivery scooters.

 - Business City

 Who doesn’t love Kota aka Sphatlho?

 Each kasi has a place famous for Kotas flavors. You can get more profit in running a quota business by selling some items separately like Chips, Cool drinks, Atchar, Russians and so on.

 If you are looking to start one, let me tell you that it is good for you all you need to do is know how to start a Kota business from the top. Get the necessary equipment and ingredients. You’re from there in a business.

 - Running A Day Care

 If you like spending time with kids, Day Care is a great business for you. Many parents are busy during the day, young children especially being left at home without a caregiver.

 Small businesses that cater for children are hot money makers. Talk to parents with young children who do not go to school in your neighborhood. Explain to them that you can take good care of their children for a small fee. Target children from 1 and 4 years of age. You don’t have to start in many places; you can use your house.

 All you have to do is buy second-hand toys, both hard and soft, to keep the kids entertained throughout the day. Prepare to feed and wash them if necessary. If you need to, you can hire an assistant to help the kids. Make sure you agree with the parents on the exact time to drop and choose the children, feedings, payment fees or any other special needs that the children may need.

 - Sell Atchaar In Your Community

 Atchaar’s business is quick to start and run because the approach is straightforward, there are very few equipment and components required.

 A fort or Chakalaka is incomplete without atchaar. This has created a huge demand for atchaar as it is needed on a daily basis to satisfy spicy food lovers.

 It is also easy to sell your atchaar. You can sell it to the owners of the spaza-shop, Kota outlet, bulk restaurant, or sell it to individuals with small, medium and many sizes.


 You can be a person in society but you are a person in the kingdom of God. Which is why I say it’s OK to start small because small things are strange things to God and in His own due time He will lift your small business and put you somewhere.

 Don’t underestimate the humble start of hustlers

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