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South Africans In Shock As Immigrants Plans To Do Unexpected Things To Prove Who Is Weak || See Why



It has now been few days since the immigrants have been complaining about how they are treated in South Africa. This is because a lot of immigrants shops were looted and some were vandalized after South Africans were unable to understand why immigrants are treated better than South Africans. This is because a lot of job opportunities have been handed to immigrants on a silver platter and this is something that doesn't sit well with South Africans.

This is because the country is still facing a huge number of unemployed youth who have the required skills to conduct a job and this job opportunity are handed over to immigrants who don't have the required skills and the African National Congress are silent about this and the reason behind this is not yet known.

South Africans are in shock as immigrants plan to do something unexpected to the people of South Africa who fail to understand their cry. This is because the majority of immigrants escaped their countries to South Africa hoping to enjoy a better living lifestyle and a better financial freedom spree.

This is because a lot of people left their country hoping to receive a better living standard and now things have changed for them. This is because what made them leave their country was not something simple but something hard to endure and the reasons behind this are many.

It is not the immigrant's fault that they are using their skills efficiently without compromising the life of others. This is because a lot of South Africans believe that most immigrants are doing better than South Africans as their lives are always compromised. After all, they are using south Africans resources to enrich themselves and the African National Congress is to be blamed for this mess.

This is because the ruling party hasn't been providing adequate service delivery to the people of South Africa and this doesn't impact the livelihood of immigrants that are working their socks off every day to better themselves from starvation.

Immigrants are planning to fight off any person that is aiming to put their lives down and they are promising to bring the war to South Africans.

what is your intake on this and why?

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