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Meet The 20 Years Old Girl That Works At A Construction Site To Make Money

Quite a few Nigerians are unable to put food on the table because they are fighting to make ends meet. This is because of the high level of unemployment in the country; even individuals who have completed their education have trouble finding work.

Some people have been forced to undertake things they never would have considered doing due to a shortage of funds. Both excellent and terrible kinds of occupations are types of work that they should not undertake at all. Poverty would force a child to begin working at a young age, men to rob banks, and women to sell their bodies as slaves.

Most women have done things they regret because they don't have enough money. Some intelligent people have discovered new methods to supplement their income, such as plaiting hair and stitching.

Jennifer Efemonghe, a 20-year-old University of Benin student, has demonstrated that women may earn money in respectable ways. Jennifer's day job is at a construction site not far from her home, so she frequently travels there to pick up some necessary 2k.

An interview with the 200-level student revealed she dislikes begging for money, so when she is short on cash, she merely goes to the construction site and picks up sands for quick cash. Her parents don't like it when she asks for money, so she opted to do the task to help support herself while in school instead of asking.

She claimed that when she goes to work at the construction site, her pals usually make fun of her, but that she doesn't give a damn what they think of her. She said that she had been working in this manner while she lived in Lagos, and that she was able to get income from it.

The point here is that you don't have to let others walk all over you because of money. No of your gender, you can find excellent work that pays well, and you can make good money doing it. You'd learn how to be self-sufficient and genuinely create money if you did it this way.

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