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Good News| SASSA 350 Beneficiaries Don't Have To Worry About The Following Problems Anymore

The South African Security Service (Sassa) has revised its guidelines for updating your mobile number in its database in order to get your R350 unemployment compensation. According to the business, anyone who wants to receive their R350 reward through cardless banking at an ATM must Rica their telephone number and visit the Sassa website.

The above comes after several internet users voiced frustration with the lack of options for those who want to change phone numbers and others, claiming that they had wrongly placed the sim card with which they had signed up, or that they had entered an incorrect mobile phone number into the system and required to update it. Customers, according to SASSA, "If they prefer to be paid through their bank accounts, they must ensure that the bank account provided is registered in their name. Because till pins are assigned to the cellphone numbers provided when applying, this would make it easier for the client to withdraw their grant from merchants."

All mobile phone number updates, appeals, and progress checks should be done on the Sassa website, and keep in mind that only applications submitted on the Sassa website are considered in the minister's statement.

The SASSA system updates will help people to make changes at the comfort of their homes without having to go to any office. These are good news indeed as a lot of people were struggling to change their payment method before will easily get access to that option on the website.

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Good News| SASSA South African Security Service


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