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Finally || Good news for all unemployed people in South Africa.

Next year January is the day fetch the pride and glory of South Africans, the year we snatch back our flag as South Africans. Next year it will be thth year South Africans restore their dignity. As foreigners will be leaving the country. In South Africa we dont mix our words. We welcome all legal foreigners, we have zero tolerance for illegal foreigners who come to South Africa to hijack buildings, exercise violent crime, display arrogance and sheer disrespect. Legal is a tourist who comes enjoy our country in peace go home. Legal is the businessman or woman who comes, do business legal stay and go home. Legal is those coming to study, finish studying go home. Legal is not coming in to sell tomatoes thats not legal.

Foreigners Permits are ending in 7 weeks. Do the foreigners have a plan B, South Africans are ready to deal with All Zimbabweans who will be illegal after 31/12. The Grace Period in the ZimPermits is unlawful. The Permit itself provided an ultimatum. The Permit is clear, ‘31/12/2021 the permits expire, the Zimbos should have started leaving the country at the beginning of the year already. The Anc is taking Advantage. The Anc is realising that the Immigration issue is going to cost them votes they will deal with foreigners in the next month watch:

1. The Border Management Authority doing their work.

2. Job reservations and quotas etc.

Foreigners are in trouble. We appeal to our sisters not to date Foreigners especially Nigerians, Pakistanis, Ethiopians, Zimbabweans. These people only want to get married to you and get South African Citizenship at your Expense. Let them do arm struggle.

CORRUPTION BY OUR OWN SOUTH AFRICANS" is at the centre of our boarders being infiltrated resulting in a large influx of undocumented people in our country.

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