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She Wanted A Job But The Manager Wanted This First (read chats)

Now that we're living in times were the fight between the poor and poverty has never been easy for the poor and by the look of things it is not even getting better for it has worsened when a lot of people had to loose thiers jobs after the country and the rest of the world was ambushed by covid-19.

It seems like those who has always been rich shall continue being the ones making it in life when everything shall continue getting bad for the poor especially if you should sit back and observe the process of getting jobs which is being used behind closed doors. Let me shortly take you thru some leaked chats which exposes how jobs are being secured lately.Now See the chats below

If you should seem to be at the first alternative which this female was once given in order for her to secure the job. Am certain you can additionally see that it favors those from monied families due to the fact they the ones who can pay such as quick be aware and impervious the job at the same time as the terrible cannot.

If you should again seem to be at the 2nd alternative she used to be given.As human beings we come from one-of-a-kind backrounds an we certainly have one of a kind views when it comes to what the maneger have asked.Some human beings see this as a huge deal while some do not and could have settled it right away which is additionally incorrect for jobs be given based totally on qualification and experience.

So what this maneger requested as a second alternative in trade for a job appears to have caused a lot of humans of social media.Take a very quick look at what they had to say about it.

With things being this way what is your take on this?if you were the one in this type of situation how would you handle things? Please leave some comments below

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