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Unvaccinated South Africans May Lose Their Jobs Before The Year Runs Out — Reports

Unvaccinated people are at the risk of losing their jobs before the year runs out, as reports show that employers have the right to fire their employees if they are not vaccinated. This is put in place to encourage South Africans to be vaccinated. Even the government mandated that only vaccinated people will henceforth be allowed in the stadium. This is the beginning of a new era, and some analysts have suggested that employers may be requesting for one's vaccine passport or certificate when applying for a job. Already, many South Africans said that they knew it would come to this level, but they were not aware that it would happen this soon. Many South Africans are still not vaccinated, and some have vowed that losing their jobs will not make them receive the coronavirus vaccine. The government is trying hard to vaccinate as many people as possible, but the people are casting aspersions on the coronavirus vaccine.

A lady on Twitter noted that she knew this is what it will come to. She said that the government is already reneging on its promises. A Twitter user said, “I knew it's going to get to this point, Luckily there are employers who are against the vaccine, so they won't force it on their employees. This is a threat to livelihoods and people's privacy. Such human rights violations cannot be put in place". This is what some South Africans are saying as the information circulate. Furthermore, many people said that it all started when the president, Cyril Ramaphosa announced the plan to introduce Coronavirus vaccine passport or certificate. Now, many employers want their employees to produce their vaccine passport or certificate. This will further make people to go for their vaccine. The government hopes to achieve success by vaccinating a larger percentage of the adult population by December, and they are working vigorously to actualize this mandate.

Many South African Politicians have been encouraging their social media followers to get vaccinated to save their lives and that of their families. They argue that the risk of getting the virus is lower when the person is vaccinated but in addition to the vaccine, the person must observe all Coronavirus prevention rules and regulations, as the vaccine is not yet 100 percent effective in the prevention of the virus, but it helps a great deal.

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