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Women are choosing construction instead of being in offices with long nails. Check this lady out.

South Africa has a lot graduates with skills that are not needed in the economy. Our education system is geared more towards producing followers instead of leaders.

Our country continues to import skills instead of developing them her at home. At the beginning of the pandemic South Africa received 200 doctors from Cuba to help in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

South Africa then imported artisan skills at cost of millions to help with water infrastructure. People were angry because it seemed our citizens were overlooked.

Women are now choosing careers in construction a male dominated industry. You can never go wrong with construction because the country is ever growing.

South Africa is still developing, there are a lot of new stands being developed which presents a lor of great opportunities.

Matriculants should consider a career in construction and start building a bigger and better South Africa for the next generation.


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