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OPINION: Is the ANC Feeding Scheme in Schools Another Way of Creating Jobs for Cooks ?

Feeding schemes in schools don't only ensure that learners don't go to class hungry but ensure that a parent or two are hired as cooks for the feeding scheme. Killing two birds with one stone? Yes, that is the ANC. We also support local small-scale farmers for fruits and vegetables for the feeding schemes and soup kitchens because local is lekker - ANC LESEDIYou are promising to do something that you've been failing to maintain for how many years now? Rather start promising new lies like we'll buy every voter a BMW, try something fresh because we are used to your lies. But you guys did a door to door collecting all the food that was looted by the poor, now today you are singing a different tune. It was the ANC government who decided to ban feeding schemes at schools during the hard lockdown, nly the Western Cape continued with schemes, now you want to tell us that you going to continue?

African child what we need to learn is that ANC is the worst however its just a symptom of the problem not the cause. So you can vote out ANC and put in any party nothing will change, as long as you have an apartheid structured economy it will keep producing Apartheid structured results. Perhaps the ANC should have developed the economy so that communities, were less to no longer needing to rely on the government for soup and food programs at schoolI would love to see all government officials and parliament members to be without a monthly income and see how they manage it, and see if they can survive with R350 grants currently we suspend members of government for doing illegal things, but we still pay their salaries and benefits? Take it away stop this already

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