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People's dreams due to their salaries

One of the things I’ve learned about success from all the reading I’ve been doing is the importance of thinking big, setting goals, and programming your subconscious mind. One of the ways I’m doing that is by creating a list of some of the accomplishments I plan on achieving, including some BIG ones.

Napoleon Hill, in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. In the ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ David Schwartz goes into the importance of having big goals, of constantly telling yourself that you can achieve them and that you will achieve them. He goes into the concept of having two different voices in your mind, the negative – which tells you why you can’t do something, and the positive, which will tell you how you can. It’s up to us to decide which one we are going to listen to. Whichever we start concentrating on will be the one we hear. It’s time to start talking to ourselves about something positive instead of listening to our negative.

Orrin Woodward, in ‘Resolved’, gives really good examples of the programming of the subconscious mind when talking about how TV commercials affect us. When we see commercials over and over again, it is essentially brainwashing us to think of those products when we are out shopping. we can remember theme songs from shows that haven’t played on TV for years, and probably some tag lines from really old commercials. By having some big goals, we can essentially brainwash ourselves to achieving them.

What all the really successful people say, is that you have to envision your goals in your mind over and over again if we are to achieve them. Creating this list is not going to be enough, but it is a start. The next step will be to play a commercial in my mind over and over again of what it will be like achieving them. For example, one of the things on my list is to be earning enough money to leave by job and not work again, so I’ve written out what my last day at work will be like, and I think about it when I wake up, and when I go to bed.

By picturing the achievement over and over again in your mind, you will start making decisions that will eventually lead you to your goal

This list is about long term thinking. I will not add those things I want to do, but haven’t done yet, if I could easily go do it tomorrow if I chose to. Everything on my list had to require some kind of work or effort on my part. They will all take time and/or money (hence one of the items being to earn enough money in a business to no longer need to work)

It was important to make some of these goals BIG. If we only set small goals, we will probably only achieve small goals.

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