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5 Of the Weirdest Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Apply For

While some children grow up wanting to be doctors or firefighters, others might want to opt for something a little more unusual.

1. Gum removal specialist

Believe it or not, but Americans chew $3 billion worth of gum a year. While some properly throw it away in a gum wrapper or piece of paper, others regrettably throw it on the street or stick it underneath a chair or table—and someone has to clean up that mess. Enter chewing gum-removal specialists.

Companies like GumBusters are tasked with removing gum from city streets and walls. Instead of using a power washer, GumBusters uses special machines that require less water and “elbow grease” to lift off and dispose of gum. The company can also remove graffiti and clean store awnings. If you’re interested in working for GumBusters, visit their website. 

2. Avocado tester

In Sydney, Australia, an avocado pop-up restaurant called Good Fats was looking to hire someone as their “Head of Avo Control” when they first opened. The job entailed taste testing all 20 menu items to ensure quality, testing the ripeness of the kitchen’s avocado supply, and becoming an “avocate” for the pop-up on social media.

Applicants needed at least two years of experience of “smashing avocados on toast,” and have “proven knowledge of how to check avocado ripeness,” according to Good Fats’ website. Sadly, the position doesn’t pay, but it does include eating at the pop-up for free. If you’d like to apply, contact Good Fats directly. 

3. Odor judge

Hygiene companies like Procter & Gamble hire odor judges to see whether or not soaps, shampoos, deodorants, antiperspirants, mouthwashes, feminine hygiene sprays, and body washes are effective on the human body. They judge on a scale from 1 to 10: 1 is heavenly, 10 is carrion.

“It’s amazing how many of these large companies can’t find anybody to sniff an armpit,” Thelma Williams—an odor testers from Hill Top Research—told “When you’ve rinsed out diapers or cleaned up after a child who is sick.

4. Professional bridesmaid

Need a stand-in at the last minute? Or do you just want help with planning your wedding? You can get both with Bridesmaid for Hire, a company that provides brides and their parties with personal assistant-like services. They can even provide an “undercover bridesmaid,” if a bridesmaid comes up ill on your wedding day.

“Essentially I’m there as the bride’s personal assistant and on-call therapist,” Bridesmaid for Hire co-founder Jen Glantz told Business Insider. “I help her manage and execute her personal to-do list of tasks, which can often be over 100 tasks long.” Contact Bridesmaid for Hire for more info.

5. Professional Apologizer

Conveying a sincere apology can be tricky. So hire a professional apologizer, who can smooth things over with just words: In the spirit of good customer service, Southwest Airlines employs professional apologizer to talk to passengers who are undergoing delays or dealing with canceled flights. Their job is to deescalate aggravated passengers and ensure them that the airline is doing its best to get them to their final destination. If you’ve taken a flight in the past year, you know that this is a skill that’s in high demand. 

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