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"Foreigners are not stealing jobs from South Africans" - South African lady.


A South African lady with the username @DeliciaPillay1 on popular micro-blogging platform site Twitter has shared a post stating that foreigners are not stealing jobs from South Africans.

This is coming after several allegations are being leveled at foreigners residing in the country for causing a high rate of employment in the South Africans, taking over jobs that are meant for South Africans. Many campaigns and protests have been trending on social media platforms and the streets of South Africans against foreigners.

See her tweet below;

"I've worked in recruitment for 12 years and BBBEE for 5. I'd shout it from the rooftops if I could. FOREIGNERS ARE NOT STEALING JOBS FROM SOUTH AFRICANS."

Many other users most especially South Africans have reacted to this post in various ways, see their responses below;

@foyinog tweeted,

"This is how I know people's immigration sentiments are just pure x*nophobia - you actually have no clue how difficult it is to be a foreigner here. even when you’re a citizen you can’t get a job because you don’t count towards BBBEE Slightly"

@Wanndee__ tweeted,

"Most jobs in this country require you to be a South African citizen that's why I get so annoyed when people act like foreigners get all the jobs it's not true peace"

@ogwigwiyan tweeted,

"You live in a different society & is pretty obvious that the middle/upper class have no problem of illegal foreign infiltration or WE would know about it...Whereas the poor class have to deal with this problem every day because they are the gateway into South Africa"

@PhilaniReloaded tweeted,

"You confusing professional jobs and jobs in security, cashiers, waiters, truck driving, taxi driving, cleaners, plumbing and so on and so forth..."

@Asiwaju9ja tweeted,

"Get your priorities and agenda right, y'all are just confused. Y'all want all foreigners out of your country. All foreigners are responsible for all your problems. One even said that foreigners drank all the water that's why there's no water for SAns."

@SirMafia_II tweeted,

"They are here illegally what makes you think they use "legal recruitment agencies" your statement seems incomplete. High influx of undocumented national = High unemployment rate."

What do you have to say concerning this matter? Do you think the foreigners residing in South Africa are to be blamed for the high unemployment rate in the country? You can leave your thoughts and expressions in the comments section below. You can also share, like, and follow me up for more updates and info on the latest and trending news. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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