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A Young Lady Posted This But Mzansi Spotted This

A Young Lady Posted Thi But Mzansi Spotted This

Source: @Dr Phomolo Twitter page.

The Coronavirus hitting the economy its hard for everyone to make means of living. Many young African are currently unemployed with lacks of employees. Those who have skill are able to uplift themselves while some arenbeing pushed to hustling. Many jobs were lost, the rand lost its value, and prices began to rise steadily. With all of this in mind, everyone needed to start something that would generate income for them. 

Twitter user @DrPhomolo is one among those who has hit by the state of the economy. Due to a shortage of available employment, even social development agencies have been encouraging individuals to establish their own companies. The government is also encouraging everyone who have skills to run a business to start something useful with their skills and knowledge. 

Twitter user @DrPhomolo used her resourceful hands to start her own business of fast food. It's not abbig things but it something that she is. She took it to her social media page where she advertised her business. Many of her assumed that she could be a boss of her own business. Mzanzi spotted something else in the photo.

After posting the snap she immediately attracted number of fans who have congratulated her in her new adventure. Although it looks unprofessional but at least she's doing something with her life. She currently have workers who work for her and to serve customers. 

Young people are being encouraged to do something with their hands while they still looking for employment. Keeping yourself busy might be helpful in future in case one find their passion and decide to switch career choice or business focus.

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