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List of addresses you must not go to for an interview because they scam people

Times are tough and a lot of people are looking for employment as the cost of living is too high. Online job applications are trending these days, you can apply on websites like Olx and gumtree for any type of job you might be interested in, however not every job offer on these sites is legit.

A lot of people have been scammed while trying to get employment, am one of these people. I went to a call center job interview only to be asked for R250 for a police clearance plus an extra R900 to get a call center certificate, I was told to write one exam and pay that amount so I can start work tomorrow morning.

While I was busy trying to contact my parents a lady came in wanting her money back after being given a fake certificate and never being offered a job. I immediately stood up and left. Remember when you go to an interview you are not supposed to pay for study material, uniform, and police clearance. Companies cover these costs.

You must never pay anyone to give you a job because it might be a scam. If you arrive at a job interview and they ask for R150 before you get the job then you and many others before you might be dealing with a scammer. No one will ever ask you for money in a job interview if you are not being scammed.

Below are ten addresses that have been proven to be scams in Gauteng.

1. ILPA House CNR Commissioner & Von Weiligh Street

2. Klamson Towers, 151 Commissioner Street

3. Manchester House, CNR Von Wielligh & Pritchard Street

4. The Great Experience, Curthberths of Chambers Building, CNR Prichard & Eloff Street

5. Century (Insurance) Building, CNR Kruis & Albertina Sisulu Street

6. Motaung Recruitment, Dr. Neil Agget Building, 90 President & Kruis Street

7. North State Building, 99 Albertina Sisulu Street

8. Factor House, CNR Kruis & Albert Street

9. BMT Training, Royal Place, CNR Eloff & Kerk Street

10. Mr. Price Building, CNR Albertina Sisulu & Von Brandis Street

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