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Failure is indeed a foundational piece of building long term success in any pursuit

Through our failures we become more equipped to recognize future hazards and engrain those lessons into the fibre of our being so that we ultimately see gains from what were once lost.

It might be failing business, failed relationship, or any other project you were hoping to get rewards from.

In the middle of a failure it is impossible to see the lessons you are suppose to learn.

You will learn that rushing making tough decisions sometimes does not help, for example maybe you need a car but you put yourself under a lot of pressure and buy it not considering your budget, or thinking ahead whether you will be able to afford it's maintenance or not, few years down the line you are drowning in debts then you loose it.

It isn't until the storm has passed that you begin to put the puzzle pieces together and find the lesson to be learned in that situation.

The important thing to remember is that in your failings, in your moments where you fall short, if you pay enough attention you might be able start identifying the weaknesses in your own life that may have a hand in those failures.

If you are smart you will start trying to learn how to minimize these issues and maximize that you are great at so that you see a path to success.

Source: Opinion

Content created and supplied by: Lettah Ngobeni (via Opera News )


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