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Eskom staff who embarked on strike to face disciplinary action


Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter is concerned that load shedding may worsen if the strike persists. 

A portion of the power outage experienced by the struggling utility Eskom can be attributed to a strike by workers at the utility's power stations. The strike's organizers will be punished by Eskom, the company said. Eskom has extended load shedding to Stage 6 as a result of being unable to keep the lights on because of the strike. 

South Africans would be placed in a "very precarious situation," Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter stated when questioned about the strike.

While the unions representing the power company's striking workers have met with management and been provided with a new salary offer, the workers themselves have not yet accepted it. Load shedding of Stage 2 severity will continue until next weekend. 

It's probable that some ESKOM employees will face criminal charges. 

Andre De Ruyter has said that 90 percent of workers at three Eskom power stations must return to their jobs before load shedding will end.

According to De Ruyter, some employees may face criminal procedures due to claims of sabotage and violence.

However, employees who have missed work without permission may be subject to disciplinary action, which may include the application of the no-work, no-pay policy. The required investigations will be done, and retaliation will be handled according to Eskom's disciplinary code in the event of threats or acts of violence or intimidation. Any illegal action will be reported to the proper authorities. 

Chief Executive Officer of Eskom Andre De Ruyter 

But William Mabapa, national secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers, says the union has reached a settlement with the parastatal on some items, albeit there are other difficulties that remain unaddressed and need more scrutiny. 

"Eskom has offered an offer, but on the offer that Eskom has presented, there are five items, and in principle, we think we are going ahead in two areas, and in three areas, Eskom is taking a caucus to discuss in order to reply to us. Mabapa predicted that "we will see fantastic development that will give us something we can go back to the workers and acquire a mandate on the way forward" if our caucus's issues were handled in a productive manner.


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