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Check Out: KZN Multi-Millionaire Mam’Mkhize And Her Sister Both Celebrate Being Qualified Doctors

One thing that is often stressed in South Africa is that education is the sole ticket to success. Even though this solely refers to obtaining an education in order to have a better life for yourself and your family, people do not only obtain an education in order to attain this objective, since others pursue further education even after achieving success. Some people just do it because obtaining a degree is what they want to.

This appears to be the case for Shawn Mkhize, popularly known as Mam'Mkhize, a multi-millionaire and entrepreneur from KZN. Shawn recently shared photos of herself and her sister wearing graduation gowns during a graduation ceremony. Shawn said in her message that she and her sister are now physicians, therefore the two were obviously graduating as certified doctors.

It's unclear whose institutions they both graduated from, or if they obtained the qualification through study or as an honorary qualification, but they both graduated today. They were both wearing red robes, as seen in the photo above, which are worn by persons who have received a doctoral degree. This is the greatest level of certification since in order to be considered a doctor without really studying to be a medical doctor, you must first get a PhD or doctoral degree. Shawn Mkhize, on the other hand, appears to be a bright lady, so it would not be surprising if she studied for that degree. However, it may not have been simple for her to obtain that degree, especially because she is a busy lady with a lot going on in her life.

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